Invitation Letter

Dear Colleagues, 

We will held our Congress which we decided to make every year to present our scientific studies this year with “A Combination of Diagnosis and Treatment” slogan together with Radiotherapy Technicians Association. I am so happy to invite you TMRT-Der 14th International Attendant Radiotechnology Congress and Training Seminars –which we will held in Papilion Zeugma Otel Belek, Antalya on 21-24 April 2019.

We are proud of getting more than 50 scientific study applications to TMRT-Der 13th International Attendant Radiotechnology Congress and Training Seminars –which we held in Kaya Artemis Hotel, Cyprus on 23-26 April and publishing many essays strained by Scientific Board of our Congress on special issue of Turkey clinics radiology magazine. (http://www.tmrtder.org.tr/turkiye-klinikleri-radyoloji-ozel-sayisi.htm)

The congresses are the environment which we can get chance to follow scientific and technological innovations, to have information exchange and social integration. This year we will be together again with this chance.

The foundations of Turkish Medical Radiotechnology Association were laid in 1992 in the Radiology Seminar that was held in Antalya; it was founded as Medical Radiology Technicians in 27 December 1995 in İzmir on the 100th year of discovery of X-ray. In 1998, the Association took “Turkish” name before its title with permission of Republic of Turkey Ministry of Internal Affairs and provides service as Turkish Medical Radiotechnology Association including all of our colleagues working in Radiology, Radiotherapy, and Nuclear Medicine with Ionizing Radiation.

Our association which undertakes to protect our health, look after our personal rights, provide determination of vocational competences by making vocational description emphasizes in every platform that the price policy should be determined in accordance with work load and business risk and carry on the studies. We also have studies not to have personal right losses.


TMRT-Der is a member of International Society of Radiographers & Radiological Technologists ISRRT being an International World Radiographers and Radiological Technicians association and have the chance of being represented in international field, get the same standards in our profession with the world countries quantitatively by consulting in this platform and have its vision in the light of global developments.

Nationally we are in cooperation with Turkish Radiology Association and Turkish Magnetic Resonance Association and manage common studies.
The Honorary President of our Congress is like every year from Turkish Radiology Association, this year Prof. Dr. Tuncay HAZIROLAN will perform this duty. I would like to thank him and the Management Board in the person of him. During the Congress, the Lawyers of the Association will provide consultation services.

The main theme of the Congress, Scientific Board Presidents are Prof. Dr İlhan Erden ve Nezaket Özgür, is “Low Dose Radiation and Technological Developments in all Radiological Modalities.” This year we have a radical transformation in the Congress and we pave the way of treatises entering into the process of publication. The Broadcasting Board presidents are Assoc. Prof. Dr.Özüm Tunçyürek ve Assoc. Prof. Dr.Hüseyin Ozan Tekin. The works which are evaluated by the Scientific Board will be published in important magazines.

I am proud of inviting you TMRT-Der 14th International Attendant Radiotechnology Congress and Training Seminars –which we will held in Papilion Zeugma Otel Belek, Antalya on 21-24 April 2019 to be together for claiming your PROFESSION.

Turkish Medical Radiotechnology Association Chairman